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Rosso Piceno Superiore

Rosso Piceno Superiore

Production area
It is limited area that faces south-west along the last part of the left bank of the Tronto River. It is a series of jhills, from east to west, from the Adriatic Sea as far as Ascoli Piceno.

It is made up of 30% to 50% of Sangiovese grapes and 35% to 70% of Montepulciano grapes. Up to a max of 15% of other authorized red grapes can be blended, jointly or individually.

Appearence: its colour is not a very deep ruby red. With ageing, it tends to go garnet red.
Scent: pleasant, full, fruity and winy. It becomes slightly ethereal at threee or four years of age.
Flavour: palatable, warm haromonious and pleasantly dry. It is full-bodied, smooth and persistent and is reminiscent of the fragrance of flowers and liquoruce roots.
Alcohol content: mi. 12°C.

Optimum age
Rosso Piceno Superiore is released on the market one year after vinification. Its quality improves with ageing into oak barrels.

Accompanying Foods
When serving this wine with food, its structure and state of development need to be taken into consideration. The more mature, smooth and harmonic the wine is, the more flavoursome and succelent the accompanying foods are. Hence, the exuberance of one or more of the ingredients of a dish, verifies the contrast of the wine which creates harmony and statisfies the palate. It's a wine with excellent qualities and harmonizes well with truffle based dishes, beef, pork, lamb and game meats. A wine which emphasizes the flavours of homemade bread, walnuts, matured spring pastured pecorino, aged parmesan and smooth, well matured gorgonzola.

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