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Rosso Piceno

Rosso Piceno
Rosso Piceno e Novello

Production area
It is the most vast DOC wine production area in Le Marche. It includes three provinces: Ancona, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno, and the hill territory, which stretches from the Apennine spurs to the Adriatic Sea, exluding the Rosso Conero area.

A mixture of 30% to 50% of Sangiovese grapes and 35% to 70% of Montepulciano grapes. Up to a max. of 15% of other authorized red grapes may be blended.

Appearence: it is ruby red with fading purplish tones.
Scent: its pleasant and winy scent seems fruity and floral.
Flavour: palatable, haromonious, dry, slightly tannic and full-bodied.
During the maturation it becomes smoother and more balanced. It is reminiscent of liquorice roots.
Alcohol content: min. 11,5°C; the Novello must be at least 11°C.

Optimum age
It must be drunk when it is young, between the first and the second year. It can last three years or more. Its qualities are emphasizedby ageing into oak barrels and refining into bottles.

Accompanying Foods
Pleasing results are obtained when served with cold or tepid soups that are notable for their structure and sauce ingredients. It goes well with raw and cooked salumi, and it is optimal when served with pork, beef, lamb kid and game bird dishes either spit roasted or saucepon fried. 
Over and above all, with its remarkable characteistics, if young, blend well with fish soup combined with tomatoes and red and green casicumus, mixed fried fish and roasted fish.


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