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Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba

Production area
It includes a rather small territory within the Ancona province up to the north of the Esino River, and it includes 6 councils: Morro d'Alba, Monte San Vito, San Marcello, Belvedere Ostrense, Ostra and Senigallia. The base of the valleys and the slopes of the Senigallia hills facing the sea, are not included in this area.

It is obtained from Lacrima grapes. Up to a max. of 15% of non aromatic red grapes that have been authorized and recommended for the Ancona province may be used, jointly or indiviudally.

Appearence: it is deep ruby red, with purplish tones during its first period.
Scent: pleasant, fruity, intense and persistent. It is reminiscent of red fruit and of the woods.
Flavour: it is a pleasing, dry, smooth, palatable, very characteristics taste.
Alcohol content: min. 11°C. Passito is a least 15°C.

Optimum age
There is a tendancy to drink it when it is young, when its bouquet and characteristics taste are more vivid. It may be left to age for 2  to 3 years giving it a floral and fruity bouquet and taste of broom, arbustus health and bilberry. It is a wine with high qualities.

Accompanying Foods
The delicate and pleasant structure of this wine allows it to be coupled with dishes dressed with red sauces or ragù, traditional regional dishes of marinated fish, antipastas, roasted fish basted with it, and white meat dishes. If it has been left to mature in oak barrels, it will go well with most main courses. "Lacrima" is a sweet frizzy type of wine and it is also an excellent after dinnes wine.

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