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Falerio dei Colli Ascolani

Falerio dei Colli Ascolani

Production area
It includes the hill territory of the Ascoli Piceno province, except for the high-hills area, the mountain and the base of the valley.

The predominant grapes are Trebbiano toscano. They may, up to a max, of 20%, be jointly or individually present with other authorized non aromtic white grapes.

Appearance: pale yellow hues. Should the grape be harvested early so as to obtain a fresher, more lively acidic wine, a green hue is notable.
Scent: slight and fresh scent of green apples, acacia and peach flowers and so on.
Flavour: dry, palatable, harmonious and slightly sour. Together, the smell and taste of this wine is gently dispersed between a pleasingly perceived sweetness and bitterness.
Alcohol content: min 11,5°C.

Optimum age
It should be drunk when it is young, better within the first year. In the best areas by vocation or in connection with the best harvests, the structural character and quality of this wine will last for over 24 months.

Accompanying Foods
A stimulating aperitif when served at 8°C. It goes well with crustaceans, raw molluscs and steamed cephalopods. 

The musk flavour of "moscardino", cooked in a sealed saucepan without any water or condiments, emerges with the freshness of Falerio.
It compliments crayfish, cooked amongst laurel leaves, just like fisherman use to cook crays on their sailing boats. 

At 10°C Falerio offers a delicious union with a complex palate of green, full flavoured, subtly fried olives "Tenera Ascolana". It goes well with simple and cooked meat dishes, steamed and, or sweet tender vegetables. 

At 12°C it is sufficiently smooth enough to be served with tender, semi-rich. slightly sharp cheeses.


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