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Colli Maceratesi

Colli Maceratesi
Colli Maceratesi Ribona, Spumante e Passito

Pruduction area
Its district includes the whole hill area, less than 450 mt. high, in the Macerata province and in Loreto, excluding the base of the valley and the plain.

A minimum of 70% of Maceratino white grape is used to produce Colli Maceratesi Bianco. Up to a maximum of 30% of Trebbiano toscano, Verdicchio, Incrocio Bruni 54, Pecorino, Sauvignon, Grechetto, Malvasia toscana and Chardonnay, can be jointly or individually blended.  Up to a max. of 15% others varieties of the province can also be authorized and recommende. Colli Maceratesi Ribona, like Spumante e Passito, is produced with 100% of Maceratino grapes. Colli Maceratesi Rosso is produced with at least 50% of Sangiovese.

Appearence: pale yellow with green tones, evidence of youth.
Scent: pleasant, fresh, characteristic bouquet, reminiscent of unripe fruit.
Flavour: dry and harmonious.
Alcohol content: min. 11°C:

Optimum age
Requires drinking within its first year. Should environmental conditions be favourable, some selections of this wine may be put down for 1 to 2 years.

Accompanying foods
Colli Maceratesi Bianco is a wine ti be drunk when young, is fresh and lively with a delicate bouquet and a lingering flavour. It is fairly smooth and should be served at 10°C all year round. It tends to emphasize the taste of sweet raw molluscs, of rice and soup dishes dressed with white sauces combined with molluscs. It also goes well with lightly cooked white meats. Colli Maceratesi Rosso is a warm wine that isn' t excessively binding thus lending itself to various food affinities. It goes well when served with pizzas topped with salame and cheese and white meat dishes such as rabbit cooked with suckling pork or chicken casserole.

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