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Maccheroncini di Campofilone

I Maccheroncini di Campofilone

Thin and golden as hair of a cherub are Maccheroncini di Campofilone, called also “capelli d’angelo” (angel’s hair).

Traditional gastronomy of Piceno prefers them with rich ragout from the hinterland of Ascoli, where Campofilone, small village famous for this delicate pasta with eggs, is situated.

Maccheroncini may be served with any sauce of high enough quality. They are exquisite with fish sauce.

You can find maccheroncini on the menu of English rulers, on that of the British Airways as well as on the shelves at the Harrod’s both in London and over the Ocean.

Motive: their unique taste and typical quality. They are handmade according to a safely kept recipe that has never changed and is handed over only by old women that mastered this art.

The one and only non-human feature is a wooden spoon. Although the best place where to taste them is in wine cellars of Campofilone, those you can buy are made in the same way.

Ingredients: durum wheat flour and twice the number of eggs usually used for pasta. Other types of pasta made with eggs belong to the great tradition of the Marches too.

Quality is due to excellent durum and soft wheat, selected from the research program of the Marches, on initiative of illustrious Nazareno Strimpelli, and recently improved with experimenting.

Recent discovery is also sort of dry cultivated rice with uniquely exquisite taste, typical for the Marches during last centuries.

Two pasta dishes are worth mentioning: vincisgrassi (similar to lasagne) and “passatelli all’Urbinate”.


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