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Calcione di Treia

Il Calcione di Treia

The “calcione” is one of the most famous typical product of Marche,  produced in different parts of this region; for this reason it has numerous variations which are the result of different stories and traditions. 

The “calcione” of Treia is surely the most renowned; with its typical half-moon shape it is sold in bakeries and its ingredients are pecorino cheese, eggs and sugar that gives a pleasant bitter-sweet flavour. The contrast between the sweet exterior dough and the salted internal compound is an authentic delight for every palate.

The traditional “calcione” baked in the oven, are quite easy to prepare. The recipe is very simple but a special attention must be given in choosing the cheese which is the real secret to transform any “calcione” in the delicious speciality of Treia.

The first thing to do is the dough preparation with the egg whites, grated lemon, sugar, vanilla and cheese. Successively the external dough is prepared with flour, whole eggs plus the remaining yolks from the egg whites used for the mixture, sugar and pork lard.

The dough is rolled out with a rolling pin to obtain small circles with a diameter of about 10 cm. which are filled up with balls of mixture as big as a spoon. Each circle must be cut into (as if the mixture is contained in a small sack) to avoid any leak during the baking. The  “calcione” of Treia was originally considered an Easter food but it is produced during the whole year.

There is a special event that is organized every year in Treia to celebrate this speciality; the feast known as  “sagra del calcione” takes place the 3rd sunday of May and the historical centre of Treia becomes an open fair and the streets and the squares are crowded with many visitors who queue up in each stand to taste the famous “calcione”.

In the same occasion visitors can taste also the “calcione” cooked in different versions: as pasta ( ravioli in half-moon shape stuffed with white unsalted cheese made from sheep’s milk, eggs and spices), fried or baked “calcioni” stuffed with ricotta and sugar.

At present there are many recurrences in which “calcione” is the protagonist and for tourists, who visit this beautiful village,  to taste this typical recipe is a “must”.

This product together with “cicerchiata” has became also the typical cake of Carnival.

The most important acknowledgement given to “calcione” of Treia for its natural quality comes from the Ministery of agricultural politics which has accepted the proposal from the Region to include this speciality on the list of marchigian products that need to be preserved for their typical characteristics . This is a form of protection against any possible imitation in the whole Europe.


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