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Cacio a forma di limone


Cacio a forma di limone

The “cacio” with its lemon shape is a typical cheese of Metauro valley obtained with bovine milk of local origin. Avery unique product that can be tasted only in this part of the region. The name derives exactly by the lemon shape that is given to cheese by particular moulds where cacio is arranged  dried up with a mixture of salt and grated lemon peel.

Before being left to ripen for about one week, the cacio is brushed with water and flour to adhere the small pieces of peel. The odd combination made of cheese and lemon can seem risky but anyone who has the pleasure to taste it will change their mind.

To produce the cacio raw milk of local cows is used; the feeding of these animals is strictly at extensive pasture composed of forages, mixture of cereals and pulses. 

To this milk natural local “caglio” is added. Therefore the preparation of this product starts in the pastures and continues in the stables and in the farms where a particular procedure is followed. The caglio is broken gently in particles (with the hands or using appropriate tools) and then left to rest for few minutes. 

After this preparation,  the compound is put in pierced terracotta moulds which have a lemon shape. At the end, to be precise after 2 days, the salt in excess is eliminated washing the cacio. The cheese is brushed with water and flour to permit a perfect adhesion of pieces of lemon peel.

The ripeness takes place in cool and humid places for a period of 4 to 10 days. At the end the product weights 100-150 grammas. Its typical characteristics are the fresh and white dough, and its lemon taste. 

The production accurse only in the Metauro valley and only from April to September. So there is another good reason to visit this beautiful territory in summer that represents, beyond the arthistical and natural places of interest, a real paradise of gastronomy and typical products.    

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