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Rivers & Lakes 

Streams and rivers trim the gentle hills of Le Marche.

They often create beautiful and sparkling ponds and lakes where the beauty around is reflected.

Le Marche rivers are often poor in water and their course is a short one. 

They anyway enclose stunning natural sceneries before flowing into the blue Adriatic Sea.

Marecchia, Conca, Metauro, Cesano wash the woody Pesaro county. 

Downwards Misa, Esino, Musone run parallel to each other in the Ancona county followed by Potenza and Chienti (Macerata county). Tenna, Aso, Tronto wash the Ascoli area in their run to the sea.

Each river has its own legend that narrates its origin. They are carved in the rocks that see the endless flowing of the rivers.

Pilato Lake (Lago di Pilato) is the only natural lake in Le Marche. It is a real beauty and has a high naturalistic value.

It lays in fact 1940 above sea level protected by the imposing rocks of Mount Vettore. A unique kind of crustacean lives in the limpid waters of the lake: Chirocephalus Marchesonii.

Dams have much modified Le Marche landscape. Artificial lakes are now perfectly set in the natural environment. 

Lake resorts such as Fiastra Lake (Lago di Fiastra), Caccamo, Mercatale, Castreccioni lakes are now provided to offer leisure activities and sports to tourists. 

Fossi Lake was instead formed by a landslide. It is beautifully set among the Gola Rossa scenery, 300m above sea level.

Small lakes set in the fabulous mountains and hills of Le Marche and small rivers that run through Le Marche contributes to shape the land and to preserve dialects and traditions of small settlements.

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