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Religion is deep rooted in Marche. The county is in fact birth place of numberless Saints and Blessed. They have been surrounded by such natural sceneries that are evidence themselves of the existence of a merciful God. They have so been supported while travelling along their religious path moved by their Faith  in quest of Truth. The first Saint of which we have notice is San Leopardo. He was the first bishop of Osimo. He was proclaimed Patron Saint of the city after his death. He is said to have lived in the 5th Century AD and among his descendants there should be Giacomo Leopardi. Vitaliano was bishop of Osimo next. He built the Cathedral of San Leopardo. Vitaliano himself was buried there and after his death he was proclaimed Saint and holy protector of the city of Osimo

San Romualdo’s life was dedicated to his endless faith and travels. He was born in Ravenna (in 952). After founding several cloisters and religious orders (Camaldolesi monks for instance) he moved in Le Marche inland. The stunning beauty of Le Marche accompanied the last years of his life spent in Val di Castro. Nature was his only companion. He had in fact chosen to live in complete isolation in a small cellar of the last convent he built that still stands for us to contemplate its austere beauty.

In 1770 then Osimo sees the birth of another man that would be proclaimed Saint: San Silvestro Guzzolini. At the age of 50 he retired to a cave (Grotta Fucile) in Frasassi. He and some Brethren founded the Benedectine Silvestini order and then wanted the Convent of Montefano (Fabriano) to be built.

San Nicola Da Tolentino spent his whole life in Le Marche area. He was born in Castel Sant’Angelo in Pontano in 1245. When he was 14 he began his life of prayers and long fasting. He was a great confessor and preacher. He believed in the power of communication and in the importance of living peacefully together. He settled in Tolentino and there he died.

Beato Girolamo was born in Recanati. He spent his life fighting the trend of the epoch characterized by fierce civil wars. He lived in the Agostinian convent of Recanati. He went on trying to pacify the souls of people as far as his death. Speeches to sedate fights are now read in Recanati on the celebration of the Saint.

Blessed Alberto from Sassoferrato and Gherardo di Serra de’Conti both lived in XIV century. They began their holy journeys in their own hometowns. They are still much worshipped.

San Giacomo della Marca was born in Monteprandone in 1394. He was a follower of San Bernardino da Siena. He preached in Bosnia, Boemia, Poland and Hungary. His efforts against usury have inspired the constitution of pawnshops.

Blessed Angelo Antonio Sandreani was born in Arcevia in 1675. He entered priesthood when he was 24. He spent most of his life in his hometown where he taught Philosophy and Moral Theology. He is said to have stayed for some time in Corinaldo, Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, Osimo, and in the monastery of Jesi where he died in 1752.

Fra Serafino (better known as Serafinellò) was born in Pietrarubbia in 1875. He lived cultivating his Faith and Devotion in Jesi. He died in Macerata on the 17th March 1960. the process for his beatification is still underway.

Maria Goretti cult is much vivid and widespread. She was martyr at 18 not to loose her virginity. She was born in Corinaldo in 1890. After her death (1902) she was proclaimed Saint. She had forgiven her assaulter before dying and he attended the ceremony of her canonization (1950).

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