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The Piceno Marathon

Grottazzolina’s inhabitants seem to enjoy facing their own history; their ancestors came to this territory long ago. Then they had to defend themselves and incorporate to Visigoths, Huns and Longobards, whereas nowadays they are renowned for a marathon held every year in September. Many people from all over the world take part in this marathon.

The Piceno Marathon is both a national and international competition associated to the Valtenna Walking. Though maintaining the typical features of a local competition, it has consolidated to the extent to which its results are valid for the participation to the Regional Championship for Senior-Master Amateurs.

The competition takes place on a 42,195 km route, which passes through the charming Tenna valleys. Participants and spectators both enjoy a beautiful and changing landscape, ranging from slopes to small hamlets, the competition is a good way to know an unsullied area in the Marches.

Leaving hills and shady plateaus, athletes (both women and men, novices and members of clubs) may smell the scent of the sea, as they approach the coast. Then they run back to where the competition started, and are welcomed by enthusiastic spectators.

The competition takes place abiding by the rules established by sports federations and is assisted by an efficient service to help athletes in trouble, as well as control and refreshment points. Close to the finish line the village nature of the marathon is visible; the prize giving rewards both the winners and many participants, thanks to several food prizes.

Indeed, upon registration each competitor gets a bottle of wine, and all those who complete the marathon can enjoy a Sixtus massage and a sports item.

The most numerous regional and out-of-the-region groups receive wine and hams, food and wine are also given as a present to those coming from the farthest towns.

The Piceno Marathon has managed to maintain traditions while becoming famous among regional marathons, confirming the typical features of the Marches’ inhabitants, a frank and hospitable people.


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