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It is just like living an exciting scene of an adventure movie, or like taking a backwards trip through the time, when descending the rivers used to be one of the most common possibility of transport. Following today the winding course of the fast rivers wedged among mountains and hills, appreciating their fantastic and majestic views from privileged points of view, can be a really unique emotion, full of vibrating feelings generated by the nature, in all its beauty and power. Rafting (from the English term “raft”) is, in fact, by now very common even in the small rivers of the Marche that, navigability of the moment permitting, are more often sailed by colourful rafts, built to be safe and stable, lead among the waves by paddle and the experience of real teams of rafting lovers (composed by four to twelve persons).

Among the most active associations promoting this particular sport, the Sibillini Rafting Centre is worth a mention. Though located in the city of Foligno, in Umbria, it organises exciting guided excursions and advanced courses also on the Marche rivers that cross the Sibillini Mountains; among its activities, the Centre has also started a program of environmental studies (in collaboration with GAIA association) for the students of the schools who, through the enjoyment of rafting and the contact with nature, have the possibility to get to know the problems related to the fluvial ecosystem.

Among the Marche rivers suitable for rafting, the Sentino is an ideal example, both for the variety of the track (similar to the alpine rivers), and the beauty of the landscapes, that suddenly open through the thick vegetation, like the splendid view of the wild “Gole di Frasassi” (Frasassi ravines). Offering various levels of difficulty, the Candigliano River, the rough Burano and the smooth Potenza are popular. And also the Fiastrone river, with its amazing beauties, the Esino (flowing through the “Gola della Rossa”), and the Tronto, rich of fast twisted passages, all to be faced with prudence, after having studied the track using the detailed information supplied by the local clubs of canoeing and rafting, which usually (as well as their own experience and on board assistance), hire the raft together with the equipment necessary (lifejackets, wetsuits, helmets and footwear).

In this way everyone will have the chance to see his dream coming true, living an unforgettable experience in absolute safe condition, full of fun and emotions, immersed in magical atmospheres of places still unspoiled, among rocky chinks, thick vegetation and fresh splashes of the streaming waters.



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