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The sweet round hills of Marche seem always dressed differently, wearing magic clothes created by the enchanting loom of the peasants who weave their geometric fantasies carving the land with their ploughs, spreading over the vivid colours of the wheat, the maize, the luminous sunflowers. 

That same natural roundness, covered by a regular grassy mantle, only spotted of small ponds and short sandy patches- ideally becomes a ground for lovers of a sport: the golf.

In fact, in the last decade, addressing an increasing interest, few golf clubs have been set up in the Marche, certified by the Federal Commission that, based on international rules, supervises on the quality of such structures - that have contributed to the success in the region of this discipline (started around the 1300 in the Holland, exported first to Great Britain as national sport and then all over the world), of its rules, the various techniques and the particular terminology (often deriving from English) used to describe the equipment and positions, shoots and portions of the golf course.

The landscapes in which the Marche golf courses are positioned inspire tranquillity and concentration to the players, looking for best shoot of the day; the Golf Club of Vallugola, for instance, stretches over the “Tenuta (estate) of the Ginestre”, on the top of the cape overlooking the bay (in locality Fiorenzuola, within the protected area of the “Monte San Bartolo). With its 3 holes only it is an excellent training golf course for all those who want to get familiar with this sport, but also a place to participate to test style, agility and precision in organised tournaments.

Equally lovely located on the hills near Pesaro is the golf course of “Carignano” (near “Santa Maria dell’Arzilla), whose four holes are included in the area of an excellent holiday farm (Agriturismo) not far away from the local spa resort. The golf course of the city of Jesi is instead located near the centre of the town and it offers a relaxing spot useful to take a break from the daily routine, also organising courses necessary to become a member of the Golf Federation. The promotional Golf Club of Schito (close to Treia) has nine holes and it is attended by numerous players who after the challenge of the game can enjoy refreshments at the annexed restaurant.

The Agrigolf of Civitanova Marche, harmoniously integrated in the estate of the farm  “Capparuccia” has been designed by professionals taking into account innovative environmentally friendly techniques. The six holes golf course, as well as being an excellent challenge for the experts, are also suitable for occasional players (supplied by the management of equipment free of charge) and, thanks to local conventions, offers a superb occasion of recovery of physical functionality for the disabled. 

Here we come finally to the pride of the golf activity in the Marche region, that is the Conero Golf Club of Sirolo, which boasts a championship distance of eighteen holes, nine holes suitable for beginners and a training course. Equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courses and a restaurant, this structure (hosting numerous high-level tournaments) also comprises an elegant Club House with comfortable play and sitting rooms, all enclosed in the most typical landscape of the region between the scent of the sea and the breeze of the mountains.

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