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Sea Fishing

Every small port on the Marche coastline seems like it is in a world of its own and only identified by its unique rhythms and motions. It is from here, late at night, that the fishing boats set off to the open sea and it is here that everyone who is keen on fishing gathers with their necessary equipment.

Fishing from the edge of the wharf or on the beach can be absolutely fascinating. It is a great way to relax your mind and leisurely take in the peaceful ambience created by people generally wandering around and going about their daily business. The only interruption to this idyllic scene is the rapid movements of your fishing line as you hook your first catch of the day. 

However for those people who choose to hire a boat and set off towards deeper waters their experience is something quite different. The sense of a challenge between man and his prey becomes real and tangible when you capture the shining glare of a tuna fish as its back breaks the surface or when you hear the rhythmic tapping of a swarming shoal at the side of your boat. Finally with the adrenaline pumping in your veins and your catch in hand it is the distant profile of the coast and the friendly welcoming port that calls you back to shore to the mouth watering smell of grilled fish and joyful tales of the days activities.

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