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Music has always been beloved in Le Marche. The tradition is a long lasting one as shown by the records, the ancient manuscripts, the vast amount of musicians, singers, builders of musical instruments. Their story and works are all kept in the Regional Centre of the National Heritage. 

They were carefully collected thanks to a project called MUSA. This inestimable treasure well testifies the endless tradition whose roots date back to the Medieval times. Names such as Spontini, Pergolesi, Rossini are part of that tradition as well as other minor artists whose importance for the history of music is great.

The bond Le Marche have with music is testified by the events – oftener and oftener international- that are regularly organized in Le Marche. Orlando di Lasso festival which takes place in Recanati and Loreto offers a survey of choirs. Religious, Classic, Folkloristic, Gospel and Spiritual choirs exhibit during the nights of the festival. Festival Organistico Internazionale held in Senigallia is all dedicated to the organ music of every time and origin.

Festival Pergolesi Spontini is crowded of events. Every year it is characterized by a new theme ( the 2005 edition was dedicated to the theme of “the journey: farewell music, longing and coming back music). 

Artists from all over the world come and confront with classical themes. Several towns are involved and with them squares and theatres.
Jesi Theatre is dedicated to Pergolesi. There a famous Stagione Lirica is held every year. The theme of the operas represented change each season.

Il Premio Recanati, lately re-baptized Musicultura, is the festival of the ‘Canzone Popolare d’Autore’ and in the years has gained national importance. Any kind of music is well accepted, as long as it respects the standars of quality and originality.

Afroamerican music is much celebrated in the Ancona Jazz festival. Since 1979 the festival offers live concerts both in summer and winter. They are held in several cities and are completely free.

Blues lovers are also given their chance to enjoy their favourite  music. San Severino Marche Blues Festival stars world famous artists and people that from blues have managed to create new musical trends. From blues to swing and to Rock’n’roll… Summer Jamboree is a peculiar festival during which Senigallia seem to come back to the forties. 

It is the first free entrance festival of the kind and thanks to its organization, dances, gastronomy and  music it is considered the third best event of the kind in all the world.

Rock is much celebrated in the concerts held in stadiums and large events. Less famous artists have anyway their chance to exhibit. Festivals such as Sotterranea (national competition for emergent rock bands held in San Benedetto del Tronto), Scorribande (held in Senigallia since 1995) have been in fact created to offer a chance to young artists and to confirm the passion for music of Le Marche.


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