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It is easy to see men fastening their strapping, while they are standing out against the mountain landscape. Then they check snap links and cordage, these accurate and careful gestures are an integral part of an ancient and solemn ceremony. Expert and beginner climbers are about to experience once again the magical adventure of mountain climbing. This is an exciting adventure, in contact with nature, with the aim to know the hidden places and to test one’s own strength against the majestic mountains.

All the mountains in the Marches are located between rocky coasts and breathtaking projections, or astonishing creeks and panoramic peaks, and offer useful sites for mountain climbing. Examples are the charming calanques that shape the mountain slopes in the Pesaro province, the  rough cliffs of Pioraco and San Severino, the white calcareous stone of the Conero Mount or the wet rocks of the Furlo and Sibillini Mounts. Many enthusiasts climb the Ravellone Mount or the San Vicino, the Montone Mount or the Bove Mount. Climbers can choose itineraries according to their skills and may be aided by expert guides from the local alpine clubs. Experts are always ready to give advice on the best itineraries and equipment, and they also organize courses to approach mountain climbing as safely as possible.

Le Marche offices of the Italian Alpine Club are scattered across the whole territory and aim at teaching people to love the mountains. Several artificial facilities have been created for indoor climbing, so that enthusiasts have the chance to practice in comfortable facilities before challenging the mountains.

In this way, after a first approach, a good climber can experience the emotions linked to real mountain climbing, in places like the cliff of Pioraco, which offers several alpine tracks with varying degrees of difficulty.

Each alpine track is known by its specific name, including the Scoglio del Paradiso, Scorpioni Volanti and Magia del Movimento tracks in Pioraco (as well as tracks named Popeye non c’è and ma chi me lo fa fa’!). The Sant’Eustachio gorge has a cliff that can be reached from the charming Valle dei Grilli¸ near San Severino Marche. Tracks are named Dente da Latte, Genesi Orbitale and Traverso Attraverso.

These are natural tracks, tracked on the stone by enthusiasts of this exciting sport, in which strength and agility must be matched by concentration and the love for wilderness. Mountain climbers can enjoy real paradise – like








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