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Using a magic wand and with some nostalgia I become a child again, a child who is living or spending some time in the Marches. It is a colorful and joyful world I am watching; full of games in the sea and adventures in the woods, with so many emotions I may think I am living in a fairy tale.

Children’s well being is certainly paramount, and the Marches offer a wide range of activities, such as water and naturalistic parks. These are very well organized to entertain children, and the whole region boasts many centres where children can play the major role in entertainment.

In many towns (as well as in several hotels and farm holiday resorts) meeting points for youngsters are organized, which are managed by trained staff to meet the children’s requirements. The region offers excursions, games, animation, sports activities, and arts and crafts workshops. There children have the chance to enjoy themselves while learning to build kites, puppets, and express their manual skills freely.

Many theatre shows are conceived for children, including fairy tales that are re-invented and played with the audience’s direct involvement. Children can invent and introduce new characters into the fairy tales, as well as inventing new endings.

To safeguard an ancient and appreciated tradition, many shows of street artists are being organized. Quiet villages are “invaded” by joyful storytellers, acrobats, puppeteers, and jugglers, always ready to use their imagination and skills to give children pleasant and unforgettable moments.

Tour operators and managers of bathing establishments are increasingly offering entertainment sites for children. It is possible to see along the coastline of the whole region many slides, toy houses, swings, merry-go-rounds and toy cars for children. Many water slides have also been created, which enrich both the coastline and the areas away from the seaside.

Every village also has public gardens, surrounded by the intense colors of the hills that characterized the Marches. Gardens are being enriched with many toys and games designed to ensure the greatest safety and entertainment to children. Children can thus jump, swing, use slides and chase each other, inventing their own unrepeatable adventure, and experiencing the joy of living in the Marches.  


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