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Places of entertainment for the elderly

Le Marches are profoundly linked to their traditions, as a consequence people in this region greatly respect the elderly. As is the case of other societies that can still boast a rooted rural culture, the elderly are considered the custodians of a valuable knowledge, which deserves attention.

It is against this background that the elderly are “spoiled” when they visit this region, thanks to the warm welcome by this region’s inhabitants.

Not only is it possible to make nice walks in the quiet woods and on the beautiful shores of the  Marches, but the elderly can also enjoy lots of activities and entertainment.

Breathing the air on the hills or along the coast (where the air is rich in iodine), the elderly can choose between cultural visits with coaches to the many historical and artistic sites of the region, or guided tours to natural parks. They may decide to idle on the shores or wear a gym suit to do some fitwalking, gym for the elderly or the Tai Chi. They can also choose to apply the Feldenkrais or Pilates technique.

When the sun sets, they can opt for a theatre show or a film, or decide to go dancing, the region offers many places where to dance traditional dances such as polkas and tangos.

In case the elderly wish to be alone, they may enjoy enchanting hamlets, or simply establish new social relationships, discovering unexpected shared interests.

In addition, cinemas, theatres, museums, public transport means and travel agencies offer discounts to people aged over 60, so that it is possible to enjoy the culture of this region at affordable prices.

The elderly will therefore fully experience social relations, equilibrium, serenity, charming places, joy, knowledge and culture in the Marches. Such experience shall have the beneficial effect and the sweet taste of an elixir of youth. 


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