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Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Taking advantage of the valuable and wise legacy of old farmers and the results of modern research carried out national and international institutes, many farms in the Marches have now focused on respecting crops’ biodiversity, adopting organic and biodynamic techniques with the aim to protect the environment and the quality of farm produce.

Now there is grater awareness that cultivation methods and an unsullied land are inextricably linked. Only an unsullied land may produce food able to have positive repercussions on our bodies. 

Thus, responding to intense farming methods, which have led to disrupt ecosystems and transform agriculture, farmers in the Marches have decided to adopt environmentally friendly farming methods.

Agriculture must be an ally to the environment and now the need is felt to protect biodiversity and produce foodstuffs that are free of toxic residues and full of nutritional value.  

Many farms are pursuing this goal and their productive processes are constantly being monitored by bodies that the Ministry for Agriculture has authorized. 

In case farms meet specific requirements, such as the use of natural manure and parasiticides, instead of chemical products, they can profit from benefits. 

These farms are also awarded the AMAB guarantee label (AMAB stands for Associazione Mediterranea Agricoltura Biologica, Mediterranean Association for Organic Farming), which proves the high quality of their produce.

The Marches have already introduced a wide range of measures to support this sector, with the aim to foster and increase the spread of the so-called organic approach to agriculture. 

The region has also promoted the introduction of organic produce in schools’ menus.

The value of organic produce is by no means determined by ephemeral elements such as size, colour and the absence of exterior imperfections (which are typical of perfect produce having a limited nutritional value and residues of chemical pesticides), but by the amount and quality of proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins and oligo-elements contained, which ensure a balanced, complete and healthy way of eating.

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