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Bioarchitecture & Astronomy 

An unsullied and respected nature is still linked to the sequence of seasons, this shows how the population of the Marches has always been pursuing a policy to raise environmental awareness and safeguard the territory.

It is bearing in mind this natural balance that the research and application of bio-architecture techniques have been developed. 

The aim of such kind of architecture is to strengthen the necessary and beneficial link between the home, the individual and the environment, and the Marches have become a model for development.

Many projects are now focusing on the link between new technologies and traditional building techniques, allowing for the realization of building interventions that are environmentally compatible. 

Thanks to the Villaggio d’Europa, for instance, many historic homes of villages in the Montefeltro areas are being restored. 

The co-operative for organic farming called La Terra e il Cielo has built the first industrial premise in the Marches which abides by bio-architecture parameters.

The demand for advice and restructuring based upon bio-architecture is steadily increasing, courses and stages are being organized with the aim to enhance and widen professional skills of those working in this field. 

In addition, over the past few years the Marches regional authorities issued laws and decrees promoting the use of building techniques and materials which have a low environmental impact.

Thus, it is easier and more charming to let our sight wander through the sky, if we are looking through wide windows designed with a newly found universal equilibrium in mind. The sky in the Marches seems even brighter at night, thanks to a limited light pollution.

Le Marche boast many small or big astronomical observatories responding to the desire to count the stars. Groups of star enthusiasts gather everywhere in the region; in Urbania, Senigallia, Jesi, Ancona, Matelica, Pesaro, San Benedetto del Tronto, and Porto S. Elpidio. 

These groups use sophisticated equipment to observe the sky, and astronomic observatories include those in Serrapetrona, (Monte d’Aria Observatory), Ancona (on the Vanvitelli waterfront), Jesi (Piersimone Migliorati Observatory), and Sant’Elpidio a Mare (Social Observatory of CEDES). 

Other observatories have already been designed, and anybody can now make his dream come true, the dream of plunging into a starry sky, so bright that it gives everybody intense and unrepeatable emotions.          


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