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Land & Field Sports

The sweet hilly profiles sloping down towards the sea or leading suddenly to woody peaks give to those ready to grasp it a feeling of liberty. 

It is a natural instinct leading to fully live and breathe the thousands of enchanted places in the Marches.

For trekking lovers, for instance, there are many pathways in parks and naturalistic areas, which can be covered in silence, absorbed in one’s own solitude or joining one of the many guided tours. 

The latter range from a walk with the family to demanding orienteering courses.

The charming rocky profiles of the mounts are a true temptation for alpinism enthusiasts, who can join the activities organized by the Italian Alpine Club throughout the region. 

Those preferring the mysterious world of stones concealed in the subsoil, the region offers fantastic caves, full of astounding places that will give breathtaking emotions to even the most expert speleologists.

For those willing to move rapidly between slopes and hills without giving up the contact with nature, it is possible to cover the many tracks for mountain bikes or the spectacular itineraries for tourism by bicycle recommended by local sports associations.    

Le Marche offer a wide variety of slopes for skiers during the winter season, to give them the possibility to enjoy the charming mountain views. 

All the year round it is also possible to do horse riding
and to experience the profound euqilibrium between man and nature.

The region also has golf courses (tidy meadows on which enthusiasts can assess their abilities) and areas to engage in archery, exciting areas for cross-country motorcycle racing are available for the most dynamic (Cingoli is a real reference point at international level). 

Lively all-terrain vehicles rallies sometimes break the silence of mountain valleys.



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