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The charming lands of Le Marche seem engraved and modelled by the generous river and stream waters flowing through them, lively and cool waters between the rocky mountains. Water flows between hilly slopes, stopping for just a moment to create small and clean lakes and then flowing again, as if rushing to reach the sea.

Fresh or salt waters, calm or lively waters, they always fascinate and attract visitors to get to know them better, to help us understand the vital secret of perfect harmony that can bind men to such a precious and useful element.

Water has always characterized and contributed to the everyday activities of this region’s inhabitants, over time it has become the ideal element for those willing to engage in sports though remaining in close contact with nature.

Using canoes and kayaks (provided by the many local clubs) it is possible to follow an exciting and charming “water path”, in which the cool river waters - surrounded by spectacular rocky spurs – accompany the small boats through the swift stream. Meanwhile, on the banks, fishermen challenge one another and wait hoping for their lines to move.

Canoes continue with their trip, softly touching calm lake waters that seem to appear as if by magic, cooling down those swimming to reach the opposite shore.

Further on, after seeing more streams and new landscapes, canoes reach the sea, offering new emotions and various possibilities to engage in water sports; the multi-coloured sails of the windsurfs circle running after each other in the waves, while brave scooter enthusiasts break the silence. In the open sea, the charming white colour of many sails reminds us that a sailing race is taking place and soon a boat will elegantly and silently reach the desired finish. It is possible to find many sailing schools and boats for hire at the nautical clubs of the Marches’ coastline.

On the beaches, many young people engage in applauded beach volley competitions (Falconara Marittima hosts the international beach volley championships every year). Scuba divers, either expert or beginners – who started thanks to targeted courses - discover the magic secrets of the unsullied seabed.    

In the open sea it is possible to do deep-sea fishing on equipped boats. Fishermen have the chance to catch tunas and small local sharks (with the typical Hemingway’s sense of adventure).

Among sails and wakes there flies a strange kite in the sky, a lively foulard inflated with wind. Those seeing it are astonished; it is a kite-surf, which will make those using it zigzag in the picturesque border marked by the horizon, between the blue sea and the air.

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