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Two things appear evident to those who come to these hills: the exulting beauty of the territory and the sensation of being welcomed as dearest friends by the hospitable people.

Knowing the language would be the best way to capture the magic and the reality of this land, its inhabitants and its traditions. The language since ever exalted by poets and sophisticated writers, read all over the world. So melodious a language to be chosen by the greatest opera composers.

Whoever wants to study and to learn the Italian language, in the Marches will find numerous schools at disposal (administrated by local institutions as well as by private organisations) that take advantage of the professional experience of excellent teachers. It is possible to choose traditional courses (in spacious lecture halls of training centres, based on classic methodologies of teaching/learning) or to immerse in italic idioms under the shadow of a mulberry tree, surrounded with fragrances of the countryside and of the sea.

In small town of Camerano, for example, there is the Cultural Centre Conero. This is a school of the Italian language destined to all the foreigners who wish to study not only the language, but also the culture and the everyday (Italian and specifically characteristic for the Marches) life. Life made of little/big things, from the rich history of art, musical tradition of “easy listening”, study of the most valuable patrimony of cinematography, to secrets of preparation of an exquisite steaming dish of "vincisgrassi" (version of lasagne typical of the Marches). Without saying go accurate lectures in diction for opera singers and courses of lectures for preparation for university entrance.

At the Centrum Italian Language School of Pesaro it is possible to integrate lectures in Italian with interesting artistic sessions regarding (for example) decoration of ceramics, painting techniques, carving and introduction to the study of music. In order to insure ever more pleasant experiences during the leisure time of participants, schools propose various activities. One can explore the woods (trekking, horse or mountain bike riding) or follow numerous excitable itineraries on wine roads. It is possible to participate in more traditional activities like sailing, golf and scuba diving.

In the whole region, beside an unforgettable vacation study, it is possible to choose studies on the most different themes. Courses are given on the culture of cinematography, on music, on introduction to theatre, on artisan/artistic techniques (creation of objects in sedge pith or of precious laces called "merletti a tombolo", glass decorations or metal working, etc).

Lead by excellent teachers, everyone's interests and passions will be fully responded and stimulated, and everyone will be able to enter in the most sincere contact with everyday realities of this wonderful region.

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