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...no other land has been visited by such a vast number of foreigners as Italy.
                                                                    T.A. Trollope, 1862

Travelling in order to be in contact with different realities, in order to study thoroughly history and culture of people and in order to learn to love their traditions, their customs and their food. It is not by chance that Italy has ever since represented favourite target for visitors thirsty for knowledge, from every part of the world. Equally deprived of casualty is the fact that, for some time, the Marches were, in a way, discovered by a number of those eager to broaden their knowledge, as well as to look for new impressive colours, to taste new flavours and to experience unforgettable emotions.

International Associations working in the field of vacation study program since 1957, offer to their own students (independently on nationality and on enrolment in a specific institute) a variety of university courses taking place all over the world.

Autumn courses are held in natural and historic frame of Macerata, which gives to the participants the possibility of discovering, immersed in valleys of the Marches, architecture belonging to different periods of time, while studying melodious Italian language.

Lectures (in literature, history, politics, culture, economics, art of cinema, painting and communication, and many others, upon request and specific needs) are held by American and Italian professors in the prestigious lecture halls of the University of Macerata and in those of the Academy of Art.

The program offers, therefore, a unique and stimulus instrument by means of which the students can acquire and complete their academic training in direct contact with places where the history was born: the key to understand the world.

Thanks to the strategic geographic position of the town, the students of the Macerata Program are involved in inspiring excursions  to numerous localities of the region. Learning historic, artistic and natural treasures are all occasions to know better thousand jewels of an enchanted territory, the culture and the frankness of its hospitable people.


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