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The New Faculties of the ancient Universities 

Le Marche, the crib of art and of culture, is proud of its universities with long and prestigious history. Law Schools in Macerata and in Ancona were active already in the Middle Ages. In 1350, in Camerino, courses of Canonical Rights and Civil Rights, Medicine and Literature were held. Around the middle of 1400, the Gymnasium Publicum of Urbino (developed in stimulating and ardent ducal environment) represented reference point to all Italian students as far as high level training in Philosophy and Theology was concerned. Through time, each university has broadened and developed its own method of education, based on particular cultural, social, economic and historical processes. (Recently a new university structure was introduced, and five years courses for university degree are being gradually replaced by three years courses, followed possibly by a two years specialisation.) Today, innovative sectors of studying have been shaped everywhere to give training that corresponds to necessities of the present time.

In Ancona for example, at the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences and Technologies, are studied subjects like Biotechnologies and biodiversities, Territorial Planning and Environmental Planning, Integrated Vegetal Production. The courses for the university degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, as well as Administration of Resources in Mountain Territories form professional figures needed to valorise natural resources of the Marches. Equally relevant are new courses at the Faculty of Economics: Territorial Economy, Tourist Economy and Social Service. The faculty of Engineering recently introduced courses in Industrial Production (which, in the detached site in Fabriano studies questions connected to Mechanic Production and to Paper Production), Construction Engineering and Rehabilitation, Telecommunications, Computer Sciences and Automation. Those who want to study at distance, can enrol for the teledidactic courses (in accordance with the University of Studies of Ancona) given by the local "Consorzio Nettuno".

At the University of Studies of Camerino (with an important detached department in Ascoli Piceno), the Faculty of Architecture proposes courses in Industrial and Environmental Design, in Veterinary Medicine (with specialisation in Eco-Compatible Extensive Animal Productions ) and - in the didactic pole of San Benedetto del Tronto - in Production, Health and Preservation of aquatic organisms, while the one of Sciences is aimed to environmentalism by means of the course in Preservation of Nature.

It has been a few years that the Jurisprudence Faculty of the university of Macerata offers a course for the university degree in Administration Sciences while Diploma Courses include training of Cultural Patrimony Operators, Lawyers of Business Enterprises and Job Counselors.

The University of Studies of Urbino has enlarged the choice of its courses in Pharmacy by means of introducing the Herbal Techniques and Nutritional Sciences. The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural sciences has been enriched by courses in Sciences and Technologies for Nature and (in collaboration with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature) in Technologies for Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. At the Training Sciences Faculty in Urbino, it is possible to follow courses in Processes of Training and Cultural Services as well as in Techniques of Graphology, while at the Faculty of Sociology are open courses in Advertising Communication and in Fashion Design and Disciplines. Courses for the university degree in Environmental Esteem and Control and for Technician of Territory born at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and at the Faculty of Motor Sciences (ISEF) are also of recent constitution.

This is why the training panorama in the Marches is considered vast and current, able to prepare those that, in future, will valorise and contribute to potentialities of this region.

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