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New Entrepreneurship

The inhabitants of the Marches have never lacked entrepreneurial spirit, and the region had to face an insufficient offer of labour if compared to demand. Long-standing experience linked to the soil cultivation and an inborn curiosity led the region’s inhabitants to exploit as best as they could their own traditions and creativity.

Suffice it to think that at present the Marches host over 153,000 entrepreneurial activities, one entrepreneur every nine inhabitants. Many of them have recently established small artisan-concerns that renew and enhance ancient occupations. They thus took on a precious legacy which might have disappeared in the oblivion of modern life, clear examples may be found in the new and creative generations of ceramists and lutists, basket-makers and craftsmen specialized in wrought iron, prestigious goldsmiths and refined weavers.

  Many farms slightly changed their daily activities and turned into excellent farm holiday cottages, providing visitors with an unsullied rural environment in which they can experience tastes and rhythms that seemed lost.

In the name of an increasingly important entrepreneurship which commits to be environmentally friendly many projects were launched with the aim of recycling waste. New professions were born from the need to protect a territory rich in unparalleled natural resources, and new jobs include guides, advisers and experts working in the Marches’ Natural Parks. They have gathered in co-operatives and are now managing important activities related to environmental education and information, as well as promoting vocational training courses for naturalistic guides. They are working in collaboration with the regional authorities and the WWF to lay the foundations for the establishment of new companies focusing on environmental services.

The entrepreneurial initiative cannot ignore the Internet potentials as a means for communicating and disseminating information. Dealers and entrepreneurs, craftsmen and farmers are now starting to offer their products on the Internet and to exploit e-commerce. E-commerce is now a reality especially in the Marches’ hills, as entrepreneurs are being advised by local companies specialized in this field.


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