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Grape Harvest


Summer draws to an end, time has been spent drowsily under the shade of large elms and leafy mulberries. 

The trees have provided shade and a cool atmosphere to those who preferred to relax on the hills of the Marches, instead of getting a suntan on the lively beaches.

Hills look almost bare, as crops have already been harvested, the soils have been traced by ploughs and are now waiting to be sawn again. 

Large heaps of beets are waiting on the edges of fields, to be loaded on trucks and then processed into sweet, valuable and white sugar, which sweetens our lives every day. 

The last sunflowers are tired and are waiting for a threshing machine. This giant mechanical monster that has always fascinated adults and children alike shall cut sunflowers, putting an end to their tribute to the sunrays. 

Farther on, a field still shows the signs of harvested wheat, in the form of dry and thin and meager stubbles, which will soon disappear when the ground is turned up.

The hills seem motionless, yet many inhabitants of these areas are now working hard; grape-harvest time is approaching and everything has to be ready so that the cellars can welcome the dark and scented grapes at the end of the month, to produce the valuable Lacrima wine.

Gestures have been repeated for a long time, when taking care of wine presses, cleaning the tubs and checking the large barrels. 

Farmers, aided by a faint light, go down the broad barrels to take the tartar away after it has stuck on the walls forming large crusts. 

Farmers seem expert speleologists when performing this task, and the barrels are so saturated with wine aromas that they may easily cause a pleasant inebriation.

While working, people recall past grape-harvesting times, the most difficult moments and the deserved recognitions. 

Everybody remembers the recent festivities and the peaceful moments in which the Lacrima wine of Morro d’Alba linked villagers and visitors, dealers and farmers, even though they were divided by past rancours.









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