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It is nice listening to a fisherman talking about his passion; a different and surprising world appears before our eyes, showing its intense reality and all the unexpected shades that are made of small gestures and great emotions. We can see the slow down slope of hills towards the lakes and the rocks emerging suddenly, sculpted by millenary streams. 

We can hear the soft echo of birds’ calls in the air, being confused for a moment by the whizzing of the fishermen’s lines. Above all, we can feel the love of everything which absorbs and surrounds our sight, as well as a profound respect for nature, including fish. The Marches’ territory is rich in waters and offers many lakes and small artificial lakes that can be accessed by sport-fishing enthusiasts. In Villa Fastiggi, near Pesaro, the deep and clean Cava Lake is an ideal home for pikes, chubs, carps, catfish, eels and large-mouth basses. 

The latter also live in the Berloni Lake (extending near Roccosombaccio, a small village in the Pesaro province) and shiny barbels live in the Furlo Lake (in a spectacular and wild landscape). In the Ancona province many fish varieties live in the hill lake of Monterado (managed by the Osteria del Lago) and in the many basins obtained from the pits along the Esino river. These are rich territories for fishing and are open to the members of local clubs. 

The Macerata province boasts wonderful places where to fish surrounded by charming landscapes, such as the small Macchie lake (a medieval hamlet of San Ginesio), the Serrapetrona and Morrovalle Lakes (the latter is fed by the Chienti river, like the nearby Mariotti Lake). This is rich in fish and is a paradise for spinning enthusiasts, as it is inhabited by pikes, black basses, perches and chubs swimming in a rather deep and varied bed as for morphology and vegetation).

Approaching the foot of the charming Sibillini Mounts visitors reach the Caccamo Lake (near Caldarola), and Polverina Lake (not far way from Pievebovigliana), and then the splendid Fiastra lake, a charming place thanks to the chromatic contrast between light blue and dark green of the woods. The enchanting location, the width of the lake and its abundance of fish make the Fiastra lake an ideal place for high-level competitions, which are also held in the nearby Grazie lake, less known but equally picturesque. The Ascoli Piceno territory also offers excellent lakes for fishing, such as the deep Porto San Giorgio Lake (it is partially concealed by a thick vegetation, but is inhabited by giant carps, catfish and eels). Also note the Talvacchia Lake, located near the charming medieval village Castel Trosino, which dominates the boundary with the Abruzzi from a rocky spur.


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