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Fishing in rivers

Waters flow through rocks or down the hills, immersed in the harmonic tranquility always searched by fishermen, whose accurate and silent gestures are awarded by a good catch.

So are the waters of the Metauro river (stemming from streams Meta and Auro), while they cross luxuriant hills surrounded by mountain woods and forming lively waterfalls and calm potting, or in the wide and deep drill (rich in trouts, chubs and barbels) which the Esino river tracks from the Mount Cafaggi to the sea.

Or you can fish in the crystalline and swift waters of the Chienti river (often chosen as a river for competitions), inhabited by salmons, cyprinids, and eels like the Tronto river, marking the natural boundary between the Marches and the Abruzzi. 

There the Nera river is originated, between the rocks of the Sibillini Mounts, ready to start its flow through the Apennines.

All these rivers constitute a regular net in the regional territory and are fed by many “smaller” watercourses. These are smaller but equally rich in fish; rivers such as Foglia, Cesano, Potenza, Aso, and Tenna, and Bosso, Burano, Marecchia, Candigliano and the thousand small streams concealed in the vegetation, like a precious secret that no fisherman must disclose.

There are streams and ditches having curious names (Cinisco, Bisciugola, Vitoschio, Castellano, Tallacano), whose clear waters host colorful trouts and eels waiting nocturnal hours to challenge fishermen’s hooks.

Landscapes are the only possible distraction for those fishing in these places; they are so charming at times that they completely absorb one’s attention. One example is the landscape around the Sentino stream, whose whirly waters have patiently dug the disquieting and beautiful Frasassi Caves. 



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