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Flying off and hovering in the sky, this has always been a dream of men, and the curiosity to observe the incomparable, varied and hilly landscape from up above has certainly motivated the birth of many associations in Le Marche, ready to offer the possibility to experience moments of absolute liberty.

  To live such an exciting experience it is not necessary to be expert aviators; the least adventurous can fly with expert pilots in tourism aircrafts available in flying clubs in the Marches. 

So they will enjoy a unique view comfortably seated in the cockpit. Excellent courses are also available for those wishing to obtain the pilot permit and to live the unique experience of having the world at one’s feet.

The bravest can choose among different and exciting flight possibilities, always reassured by the presence of valid instructors ready to unveil the secrets of a perfect parachute bail

Bails can be instructor-assisted and it is also possible to have assistance during the first bails with hang-gliders

Participants shall experience the charming feeling of bailing out from a mountain’s peak with a simple sail on one’s shoulders and enjoying an extraordinary view, which is both tormenting and endless.

Other possibilities include the use of gliders, those marvelous human inventions that can best exploit the air energy to glide silently and lightly in enchanted landscapes, as well as air balloons, to make one’s child wish come true. 

No tour of the world in 80 days will be made, yet people can have the chance to spend a wonderful afternoon watching unexpected landscapes in the deep silence of the skies.

 In the ever-changing landscape underneath, one may see a small remotely controlled aircraft circling the sky and performing skilful evolutions. 

The airplane is probably chasing a kite that flies in the wind followed by a happy child, running on the gentle hills of Le Marche.   







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