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Rediscovering the Archery...  

...it’s more than hitting the centre through a mechanical gesture… it is all about rediscovering the past, when propelling arrows with a bow was essential for defence and nourishment..

A balance of concentration and coordination, tension, strength and calm, is what is needed before shooting.

The arrow is strength and ephemeral lightness together and this tension is at its most just before striking the goal.

Archery was once useful for defence, now it has become a sport practiced with passion.

Modern archery was officially recognized as a sportive activity in 1931 in Poland. FITA (International Archery Federation) was founded. 

The first international Archery competion held in Italy dates back to 1959.
Two years later FITARCO (Italian Archery Federation) was founded.

The Archery tradition as an Olympic game started in 1972 when this discipline was first introduced at the Monaco Olympic Games. 

The Italian Archer Marco Galiazzo won the gold medal in 2004 in Athens.

The Regional FIDARCO committee is in Ancona. Le Marche has more than 19 archery societies.

Events such as improving stages are organized periodically. Tolentino (2004), Fabriano (2003), Senigallia (2002) are the latest cities that have hosted archers’ meetings.

Le Marche offer the perfect scenery for archery in the countryside thanks to their stunning environment. Archery in countryside (Tiro in campagna) is probably the most exciting version of the three into which FITARCO has divided archery. It much resembles hunting. 

The beauty of the sport itself is increased by the beauty of the walks among which the competition takes place. Archery has so become one of the ways to discover Le Marche.

Several are also the Agritourism that offer the chance of having a go on the bow.

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