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Le Marche offer many structures and modern ski-lifts allowing skiing enthusiasts to reach various ski slopes as for length and difficulty. Slopes are suitable for all kinds of skiing activities, skiers can follow wonderful pathways for excursion-skiing or decide to do some meditative and invigorating long-distance skiing, matching sports activities with an environment full of history, typical of all the villages and towns of the region.

  An example is Villagrande di Montecopiolo, which, from its natural terrace (witnessing historical events that involved earls, dukes and lords), offers three ski-lifts (one of which is located in Eremo di Montecopiolo). They can be accessed through a single ski-pass. Its wide ski slopes pass through the beautiful fauna park of Mount Montone and have become one of the most appreciated places for skiers, who enjoy a warm welcome in the hotels.

The charming and rough Sibillini Mounts offer many splendid places for skiing, such as Bolognola, an ancient town which is renowned both as a health resort and as a skiing resort (thanks to its location). In Pintura (located at more than 1,300 meters of altitude) skiers can use seven ski-lifts taking to exciting slopes, suitable to all levels of experience. It is also possible to improve skiing skills by attending the courses organized by various skiing schools.

Other places to visit in the Sibillini area are Castel Sant’Angelo sul Nera (close to Mount Prata, with five ski-lifts that may be used also having seasonal ski-passes), the medieval village Sarnano, from which it is possible to drive through a scenic road towards Sassotetto and La Maddalena. There skiers will find nine ski-lifts, a chair-lift and 19 km of medium-difficulty slopes. The ancient Ussita deserves a visit, as well as the picturesque Frontignano, whose numerous ski-lifts in Mount Bove, the qualified skiing schools and the modern ice-skating rink (in Ussita) make it one of the best equipped skiing resorts of central Apennines. All these places are ideal for winter sports, but they also offer magnificent landscapes, a perfect organization and a warm and pleasant hospitality, so that it is possible to enjoy a nice skiing holiday.

Long-distance skiing enthusiasts may choose among the excellent permanent slopes of Prati di Ragnolo (near Acquacanina) and various excursion tracks proposed by the different offices of the Italian Alpine Club in the region. Examples are the tracks crossing the charming Mounts della Laga, those bordering the magic Pilato Lake or those approaching Mount Puzzillo.

Every day spent in the glittering glare of snow will certainly give skiers great emotions, pleasantly amplified by the views of this region, which slope down from the Apennines towards the placid calmness of the sea.                 





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