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Water courses that flow through Le Marche are mainly streams. They are much loved by canoeists when in spring they are filled by the waters of melting snow. The difficulty of the descent is much due to the local water conditions. 

Beautiful sceneries open to those, who after a proper training, will decide to entrust themselves to the flowing waters.  

Sentino and Esino rivers are perfect for water sports. Their courses are in fact characterized by both quiet and tumultuous spots. A wonderful experience could be flowing on the Sentino through  the Gola , into the Esino river and then all through Gola Rossa and finally get to Serra San Quirico. 

Gola della Rossa and Frasassi and Comunità Montana Esino-Frasassi, in collaboration with Canoa Club Marchexplorer has provided the main landing stages with informative boards and river maps. Those who are not trained yet, can do some experience in the small Lago Fossi. (not far from Genga).

Metauro river after a 110km journey flows into the Adriatic sea near Fano in the Pesaro Urbino district. The width of the river varies from areas in which it is just a few meters (along Forra di San Lazzaro) to 300/400 meters in the Tavernelle lake. Landing stages are at Urbania and Fermignano.

The most challenging route is the Tronto river. The sights that can be enjoyed are wonderful especially in the Arquata del Tronto area.


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