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It's a common opinion that biological products are far from the everyday habits and needs. 

Some people consider them even revolutionary. 

On the contrary, what it really means is bringing back the past, enrtiched with new experioence and techinical development. 

These products have organolectic properties of a higher level and are free from chemical elements, according to the objective of respecting nature and consumer often intoxicated by modern life. 

Who knows Le Marche can justify the respects of its people in this subject. 

A deep respect for the environment, climate, mountain conformation and agrarian traditions ius indeed a common feeling and a vocation. 

It's no coincidence that here typical products for quality, finding confirmation also in the institutional policies. 

Great attention is dedicated to the quality of wheat that is used to produce pasta, grinded by stone mills, to bottled and tinned food ( jams, marmelades, tomato sauce, pickles and vegetables pickled in oil) to vegetables and especially
pulses: for example lenticchie (lentils) of Castelluccio, a small country village, surrounded by plantation which take advantage of the ideal conditions of soil and climate. 

lenticchia is small, with a tender skin, soft and tasty: it is not necessary to leave it to soak and to cook it for pigs' trotters. 

cicerchia and broad beans are back at the best restaurants after years of absence; chickpeas, borlotto beans, etc.... 

The range of pulses is wide and colourful. More and more traditional producers have shown an interest in
biological wine

Last, but not least,
beer, which is the results of craftsman ship, by using biological barley of Le Marche.

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