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Le Marche are indeed an astounding region, not only because of colorful and charming landscapes, but also because of the profound and tangible harmony of daily lives that are linked to the valuable equilibrium between men and nature and seasons. Life in this region is very different from the frenetic rhythms of the modern way of living.

In Le Marche it is easier to find one’s own dimension, to discover once again the pleasure of quiet moments, to perceive one’s soul and body’s regeneration, and finally to reach the balance between body, mind and nature that may be seen in the eyes of the region’s inhabitants.

Such aim is reached thanks to the charming landscapes and the living philosophy of Le Marche, yet water also plays an important role. This is a magical and precious element, which flows through slopes and valleys, to appear between sculpted rocks and disquieting gorges. Water creates a web of streams, rivers and brooks, enriched by valuable thermal springs.

The healthy properties of different springs (alkaline, containing sodium chloride, bromine and sodium iodide and sulphur) scattered in the most charming areas of the territory have been known since the remotest of periods. This is the case of the Plinium Thermae, in the green valley of Macerata Feltria, or the mineral springs of the Montegrimano baths, originating close to the medieval castle of this village.    

The unsullied nature is the common denominator of all baths in the Marches; in Samano and Carignano, in Penna San Giovanni and Tolentino, in Aspio and Torre di Palme, in San Vittore and Petriano and Acquasanta. Everywhere it is possible to profit from the beneficial and innovative treatments that are customized and managed by trained staff. Treatments are authorized by health authorities and are a valid tool to regain health, liveliness and serenity.

The breathtaking landscapes of this region, rich in historical and artistic heritage, are the ideal framework for pleasant stays in the baths. People shall have the opportunity to relax and enjoy, respecting their bodies’ rhythms and requirements, and regaining the body-mind equilibrium.    

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