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Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Sites

Constituent elements of the archaeological system of the Marches are: seven archaeological parks, 25 archaeological areas and two ancient lines of the consular roads Flaminia and Salaria. The system was individuated in reference to the Regional Law for the safeguard and the valorisation of the archaeological patrimony and in reference to the successively adopted Intervention Plan.

Besides, it was the first in Italy that made possible the experimentation of new forms of agreeing between the State and the Region, as far as archaeological heritage is concerned. Obviously, not all of the archaeological testimonies of the territory of the Marches are included. Still, the system arranged in this way individuates the most rich and significant poles.

The above mentioned 34 archaeological realities allow to reconstruct quite complete chronological itinerary which starts in the prehistoric times, develops through the rests of the civilisation of Piceni and arrives to the ruins of Municipalities and Roman colonies. Theatres, amphitheatres, patrician dwellings with valuable mosaics and delicate wall paintings, temples, thermal edifices and consular roads Flaminia and Salaria with itineraries articulated among traditional museums and open spaces, are only some of the realities emerging from monumental scheme of great relevance. Result: a net of monuments and testimonies spread, as a filigree, over the whole territory which narrates the history and appears as always new resource, together with 45 big and small museums of archaeology (or combined), counted in the Region. The system inspired with the concept of the archaeology of landscape that sees integrated, in a union, the archaeological patrimony and the territory on which it was produced.

-            7 Archaeological Parks

-         25 Archaeological Areas

-         45 Museums of Archaeology

  Archaeological Parks

1.    Parco Archeologico di Forum Sempronii (Fossombrone-PU)

2.    Parco Archeologico di Suasa (Castelleone di Suasa – AN)

3.    Parco Archeologico di Sentinum (Sassoferrato . AN)

4.    Parco Archeologico di Septempeda (San Severino Marche – MC)

5.    Parco Archeologico di Urbs Salvia (Urbisaglia – MC)

6.    Parco Archeologico di Cupra Marittima (Cupra Marittima  – AP)

7.    Parco Archeologico di Falerio Picenus (Falerone – AP)


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