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Compared on "Science and Technology Museums in Le Marches" four new museums: the "Palaeontological Museum"  in Macerata Feltria. the "Museum idf Fossils and Natural History" in Montefalcone Appennino, the "Museum of Earth Sciences" in Piandimeleto and the "Museums of Speleology and Palaeontology" in Genga, thus reaching a total of 31 collections, mostly naturalistic.

Two other new Museums can be mentioned  although these are not yet active and open to the public. The first is a collection of scientific instruments associated with the history of radiology in our region, housed at the Radiological Clinic of the "Umberto I" Hospital Complex.

The collection, put together by the Institute of Radiology at the University of Ancona, could become a "Museum of Radiological Science".

The second involves the "Antonio Elia" State Nautical Technical Institute in Ancona, which plans to create a "Museum of Maritime Navigation Science and Technology".

The material, which first has to be restored, has been part in the past of an exhibition opened on the occasion of the annual Science Week. The intention is to name it after Augusto Elia, the great Anconetan sailor of the second half of the nineteenth century, and son of Antonio, from whom the Institute takes its name.

Le Marche can also boast forty-seven Environmental Education Centres and three Experience Centres are also Museums included in this guide.

They comprise: the "Museum of Fossils and Minerals" in Smerillo, the "Museum of Fossils and Natural History" in Montefalcone Appennino, the "Brancaleoni Geopalaeontological, Naturalistic, Anthropological and ornithological Museum" in Piobbico, the "Palaeontological Museum" in Amandola and the "Naturalistic Museum" at Fiastra Abbey near Tolentino. Finally, this Department is studying a museum ed education project for the Scientific Museums prepared bt the Cultural Heritage Centre of the Region in collaboration with the University of Camerino Natural Science Museum.


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