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Someone believes that shopping can even become a sort of addiction; but in this territory, characterised by the countless aspects of its landscapes and by the eclectic inhabitants, shopping means every time a splendid discovery, the pleasant access to a new world full of precious details. 

Marche, in fact, still maintains the high value of its handicraft, preserving the magical secrets of ancient arts, whose products, real masterpieces of creativity and perfection, are shown in the luminous displays of many cities: artistic
ceramics in Urbania, Ancona, Appignano and Ascoli; decorated glasses in Pesaro, Jesi, Macerata and Cupra Marittima; wrought-iron and copper objects in Senigallia, Caldarola, Force and Pianello Vallesina; decorated wood in Tavullia and Piobbico. 

And yet the carved stone of Folignano, the fine
leather shops of Tolentino, the hats of Montappone and the pipes of Recanati. 

Where the small artisan activity has grown, becoming an industrial business, numerous productive poles were born, like the very important shoes area between the provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno, that boasts brands famous all over the world and the high-quality furniture factories scattered in Pesaro territory; the Fabriano area expressed all of its potentiality in the high technology of the household-electric industries and, if Jesi has acquired over the time the well deserved name of Silicon Valley of Marche, Ancona can boast the prestigious fashion company. This factory, like many others, has an excellent store where it is possible to make deals without renouncing to the high quality of the product. 

And it is possible to buy
fine footwear in Casette d’Ete , the casual clothing factory in Acqualagna, the famous leather shop  in Tolentino and the beautiful toys  in Recanati. 

Moreover, there are many typical
food products (from the humble and healthy cereals up to the most prestigious wines, from the tasty salami to the delicious cheeses) that can be acquired directly at the farms where they are produced or at the shops. 

But for the ones who love the lively sound and the amusing multicolour game of the open air markets, there is nothing better than attending one of the thousand fairs during which the public squares and the streets get crowded with every kind of stalls. 

For the people of this territory in fact, so jealous of their tradition of ancient merchants, every occasion is good to show their own products, coloured, scented or tasty; precious, innovative or antiquarian; fashionable, rare
or discounted, under the curious look of whom, happily involved in the joyful surrounding atmosphere, stops amazed in front of their lively stalls.


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