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The nights in Le Marche, both in summer and in winter, offer a wide range of restaurants, pubs, events and opportunities that do not leave room for boredom.

These places meet the needs of all kinds of visitors, those who want to spend the night in a quiet pub, with some background music, may go to several pubs, Sir William, Vascello and Bacco Tabacco e Venere, Ghigliottina, Enrico VIII and Webster Hall, or Braccobaldo and Popeye Pub. Such pubs are often situated in charming places, in ancient basements with precious stone vaults or beautiful ancient frames, to remind of the glorious past of many towns in the Marches.

For those who love lively nights, the whole territory is full of trendy discos, both offering modern music and ballroom or folk dances. Discos range from exclusive clubs to chaotic and crowded dance-floors. The same disco often includes more than one room, so that different types of music can be played. The “people of the night” can meet in a single disco, which also offers pleasant open spaces to dance beneath the starlight.

Live music is the keyword in many small bars and stages, in which famous and less known bands play. It is also possible to enjoy concerts in the many theatres of the region. Theatres are engaged with plays and operas, but also host pop music concerts. The Marches also host many auditoriums, precious and quiet places often located in former religious buildings. Classical music can be played there, to give emotions to the audience.

Finally, the region also hosts many new cinemas, which were built after the closing of many small cinemas. There are many multiplex cinemas that meet the requirements of all types of audience and offer technological innovations so that watching a film becomes more and more an exciting experience.

In a few words; the scented nights in Le Marche will always meet everybody’s expectations!

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