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Le Marche are located in an ideal geographical centre, hence their characteristic as a natural meeting point for different cultures and activities.

Every economic and cultural movement is valued and grows, changes and remains, while becoming an integral part of the Marches’ identity.

This region hosts many regular and international events. 

From an economic point of view, the most famous is the International Fishing Fair held in Ancona an international meeting point for navigation and fishing. 

Another example is the National Footwear Exhibition of Civitanova and the Furniture Exhibition of Pesaro (along with the many Market Exhibitions held at local level). 

All these exhibitions aim at valuing the major products of the Marches.

The great cultural heritage is celebrated by many renowned events, including the International Exhibition of New Cinema and the National festival of Drama Groups held in Pesaro. 

Loreto hosts the show of Music Chapels and Senigallia hosts the famous International Piano Competition. Urbino hosts many arts congresses and the Leopardi Celebrations are held in Recanati, finally, Tolentino hosts the pleasant Biennial Exhibition of Humour.

The many occasions for cultural enrichment are coupled with theatrical and opera seasons, held every year in splendid theatre scattered in the Marches, (in Macerata, Jesi, Fermo, Senigallia, Pesaro, Fabriano, Recanati and Ascoli Piceno). Famous and excellent theatre companies offer every year various shows, which meet the expectations of a diversified audience. 

Educational shows are devoted to young people, who are always enchanted by unrepeatable emotions.

Many shows focus on sports events, such as boat races, horse races, climbing, hang gliding, motorbike races, table tennis, fencing. 

Finally, many leisure opportunities are available in every town and village of the Marches, thanks to exhibitions, shows and local festivals attracting lots of visitors.

Close to these areas, in small villages on the hills, people continue to play bowls, trying to approach the jack, filling the quiet countryside with their sounds.

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