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Arts and crafts are deeply rooted in the Marches’ territory and has survived in the form of a very fine art. Particular works have been passed on from father to son, giving mystery to the magic of creating small wonders and keeping over time their being part of a precise geographical area.

For five centuries craftsmen in the Pesaro province have been producing splendid artistic ceramics, keeping the traditional carpet weaving and carving wooden and mother-of-pearl arabesques. 

In that area stone mantelpieces are produced, melted bronze is shaped into bells, gold turns into fine jewels and beech turns into useful tools. In Loreto, the rosary makers do a religion-oriented working, while Fabriano is excellent in the production of precious hand-made paper

Castelfidardo and its surroundings are still the kingdom of accordions. In the area of Macerata hand weaving is still done, leather is turned into high quality leather goods and clay becomes fine decorated pottery

Wonderful handicraft toys are created in Corridonia and Montefano, and they are going to be used by children. In Magliano rush is worked by expert craftsmen to turn into original baskets

The area of Ascoli Piceno is famous for its wrought iron, its fine ceramics and artistic pieces of furniture. Beautiful straw hats are produced in Montappone and Monte Vidon Corrado, while in the picturesque Via dei Calderai in Force it is possible to watch craftsmen making copper objects.

Some traditional sectors of local arts and crafts have taken a clearer identity over time, such as the footwear sector. 

It is still keeping its traditional aspect based on hand-made products (in the workshops in Ascoli and Macerata areas), yet it also managed to turn into a high-quality industry with many famous brands. 

A different, though equally prestigious, lot awaited the ancient and refined art of lace pillow. 

After being on the brink of extinction, it has lived a new era of splendour and the village women still create unique masterpieces with magical and skilled gestures of their hands, in order to meet the steadily increasing demand for these products.

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