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The profound harmony and intense beauty of the Le Marche landscape makes the quest for spirituality most natural since it seems to offer itself here at every glimpse, across immense panoramas and in the many ancient stones of places which speak of religious life and of the communion between men.

It’s no coincidence that a large part of the history and identity of the people of Le Marche is entwined with journeys of faith and religiousness that cross the whole region. As many as 163 sanctuaries, Franciscan retreats and Benedictine abbeys still testify today the profound connection between daily life and religious practice which continues to renew itself through the continuous efforts of the diocese of Le Marche and the participation of all men of faith.

Christianity spread in Le Marche predominantly between the 4th and 5th century, with the building of the first Episcopal seats which besides representing important places of meditation, study and religion, also became safe refuges for the people of Le Marche during the barbaric invasions that followed. Part of the Papal State from the 8th century until 1860, Le Marche has given birth to numerous Popes and Saints, almost as if to symbolize the religious sensitivity which has always dwelt in its earth.

A religiousness that lives in the daily routines of the people, not only in their love of the earth and in their care of its fruits, but also in the important synergy between parishes and local authorities, oratories and town halls. It illustrates the importance of the harmony of social and spiritual growth in binding the community in the sharing of fundamental values of peace, solidarity, respect and acceptance.

Serenity in acceptance is well known to those who follow in pilgrimage the intense religious ways of Le Marche, concentrating on, as did Saint Francisco, those places which naturally bring them nearer to God, communicating a sincere love for all things, for men and for their own lives.

From the ancient retreats hidden away in luscious woodland, to the small village parishes (always extremely lively and active), through to the monumental Sanctuary of the Madonna of Loreto (which every year receives millions of followers from all over the world), le Marche offers innumerable opportunity for congregation and faith, for reflection and comparison, to rediscover, to express and live one’s own religion.

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