Paradise Possible


The Shop

Discover the finest food and wines from Le Marche, and get them delivered directly to your door.

Quick Reference Guide

  • Select the Product Categories you are interested in, or click to view a Product page.

  • Click GO SHOPPING.

  • On THE SHOP list, pick your favourite products, click  to open a Product Information Page, or set the quantity you want to buy and click  (ADD TO BASKET).  You can view your Basket by clicking Edit Basket at the bottom of the page, or MY BASKET on the main menu.

  • On a Product Information Page, set the quantity you want to buy and click ADD TO BASKET, or WHO to read about the Producer.  You can view your Basket by clicking  at the bottom of the page, or MY BASKET on the main menu.  

  • On the BASKET page, you can review your order, alter the quantities or remove an item.  If you've made any changes, click UPDATE.

  • Click CONTINUE SHOPPING, or CHECK OUT to place your order.

  • CHECK OUT takes you through the registration process, the order confirmation, the choice of delivery service and the secure payment by credit card or PayPal. 

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