Paradise Possible


Marche Country Homes

Find Your Own Paradise in Le Marche and Make It Happen
Farmhouses, villas, castles and historic properties for sale throughout the region.

Quick Reference Guide

Step 1 - Searching for your paradise

  • MY OWN PARADISE lists all the Properties matching your current wish list, or the full Paradise Possible catalogue if no criteria are set.  You can also locate the properties on the current list by clicking MAP at the bottom of the page.

  • Set the Quick Search criteria to narrow down the Property list, or click ADVANCED SEARCH to refine your search.

  • Click SEARCH.

  • From the Property list, choose the ones that attract you most or that may be of interest, and click SELECT to add them to your Portfolio or VIEW to view them in detail.  You can also select a property from its View page.

  • From a Property View page, you can browse through the property (DETAILS) or the Town it belongs to (LOCATE), add it to your Portfolio (SELECT), request information (INQUIRY) or services (MAKING IT HAPPEN - Registered Users only).  See Step 2.

  • Click SAVE SELECTIONS to retain your Property Portfolio during the current session or for your next visit (Registered Users only).  You can retrieve them by clicking MY PROPERTY PORTFOLIO on the main menu.

Step 2 - Making it happen (Registered Users only - How to Register)

  • MAKING IT HAPPEN gives you a choice of Services you may need in relation to the Properties you have selected, and puts you in touch with the service providers (The Experts) who can help you make it all happen.

  • On the MAKE IT HAPPEN page, select a Service against each Property listed, click Select the Experts and choose a provider from the list. You can search the Experts and browse through their details by clicking Search The Experts.

  • Click CONFIRM.

  • On the confirmation page, add your comments and click SEND.  Your message will reach Paradise Possible and the Experts of your choice.

  • If all you want to do is visit the Properties you have selected, click ARRANGE A VISIT on the main menu, add your comments and click SEND. 

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