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Why Register?

Being registered at Paradise Possible gives you the following advantages:
- The ability to save your search criteria and the selections you make during your visit, which you'll then be able to restore whenever you reconnect to the site;
- Speeding up all interactive facilities requiring your personal data (for example, registering as a Customer at The Shop for buying online);
- Receiving regular information and promotional initiatives from Paradise Possible in your chosen areas of interest. 

What next?

- Select Register if it's your first visit to Paradise Possible, or you haven't registered before.
- Select Login if you are already registered.


- Fill all the fields marked with *.
- Create your own user name and password.
- Choose if you wish to receive information, and which sectors you would be interested in (optional).
- Click to agree to our personal data policy.

Having submitted your registration, you'll be asked to choose a file name for saving all the search criteria and selections you may want to retain from the current session.  A default filename will be suggested, which you may keep or change. (more on saving criteria and selections)


- Enter your user name and password.
- If you can't remember your password, click forgot password?, enter your user name, and the password will be sent to your email address.





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