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Pecorino seasoned with chestnut by Beltrami

Pecorino seasoned with chestnut by Beltrami

Chestnuts are wonderful and majestic trees whose leaves resemble hands. This kind of pecorino cheese is enclosed in them leaves during the 100 days underground. The intense flavour of chestnut permeates in the cheese paste offering wood and dry leaves notes. The aroma results fruity and sweet and it makes this cheese seen as perfect in a dessert context. It is anyway possible to combine it with savoury dishes, maybe melted on “ravioli pasta alle verdure” or on “strigoli alle erbe”. A glass of fragrant wine such as “Lacrima di Morro D’Alba” will complete the delight.



Beltrami produces cheese with milk of sheep reared in the local area .It is then left to season in ancient and deep wells ,dating back to 1400-1700. Temperature there floats from 17 to 20 C and dampness is at top levels (it can reach 100%). In such an environment bacteria modify the taste of cheese so much that in three months it acquires the characteristics typical of three years seasoned cheese.

Fat levels rapidly fall and when the pecorino is taken out of the ditches it results drier and more tasty and easy to digest.

Ingredients: sheep milk, rennet, salt
Suitable for: celiacs
Allergens: milk
unit min 400g
price €16.00