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Confettura di Morici by Si.Gi.

Confettura di Morici by Si.Gi.


It is believed that the black mulberry comes from Armenia and Persia, although according to some, its origins lie in the mountains of Nepal. The Latin poet Ovidio tells the story of two young lovers from Babylon, Piramo and Tisbe, who fell deeply in love against their parents wishes. Due to a tragic misunderstanding they both died and so the story goes that the juice from the mulberries became dark, symbolising the blood which fell from their bodies. Its wisdom served in the renaissance as an emblem of diligence.



The jam is obtained by the delicate baking of the partially dried fruits, left whole to marinate in their juice. In this way the consistency of the fruit remains integral, both in the extremely intense woody scent, and in its distinctive, sweet taste. It is produced as a jelly rather than a liquid with the mulberry remaining entire and firm. It’s perfect served with mildly matured cheeses and is excellent used in baking, or simply to enjoy with yoghurt and ice cream or with ricotta mousse. Mulberries are antidiabetic and hypoglycaemic and due to the presence of pectin they are mildly laxative.They contain vitamin A and C, calcium, phosphorus, rubber and tannins and also act as an astringent which is useful in fighting coughs.


From the passion of the producers a range of colours is born, perfectly designed to enrich the dishes of those with a creative flair in the kitchen, keen to explore past traditions. The ethos of producers “Si.Gi”, is to bring back and appreciate the fruits previously used in Marche gastronomic traditions, stepping back to days gone by using traditional cooking methods which recapture the process for making home made jams which retain all the nutritional properties.
Si Gi produces the mulberries organically, adhering to ISO certificate 9001, which respects the seasonal nature of the fruit. No thickening agents or preservatives are used, not even natural substances.
Both the consistency and density of the product are obtained through the various cooking methods, this involves a very low quantity per kg of the fruit thereby offering a quantity of vitamins and mineral salts for every 100g of the product, beyond comparison to other produce.

Ingredienti: blackberries, sugar, lemon
Allergens: does not contain allergens
Suitable for: celiacs, vegetarians
unit 220g
price €7.00