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Confettura di Fichi Bianchi by Si.Gi.

White figs Jam by Si.Gi.


This variety of fig was introduced in the 18th century by a nobleman from Macerata. These useful figs are from the “Dottato” variety and known as “the figs of the signora - or ladies figs.”, as was the custom then that the first basket of the year was donated to the lady of the farm. This variety of fig is absent from the market because they are very small and their fine, tender peel makes transportation difficult.



The figs are torn up and cooked in a pan until partially concentrated but still fluid. The liquid is poured into jars, which are then closed and sterlilized in a bain-marie. The golden coloured conserve reveals the extreme delicacy of the mature fruit and is soft in consistency with small pieces of fruit. The light fragrance allows for the sweet flavour which is intense and persistent. It is excellent with white meat and with tasty mild cheese such as pecorino alle erbe or gorgonzola.



From the passion of the producers a range of colours is born, perfectly designed to enrich the dishes of those with a creative flair in the kitchen, keen to explore past traditions. The ethos of producers “Si.Gi”, is to bring back and appreciate the fruits previously used in Marche gastronomic traditions, stepping back to days gone by using traditional cooking methods which recapture the process for making home made jams which retain all the nutritional properties.

Si Gi produces the figs organically, adhering to ISO certificate 9001, which respects the seasonal nature of the fruit. No thickening agents or preservatives are used, not even natural substances.

Both the consistency and density of the product are obtained through the various cooking methods, this involves a very low quantity per kg of the fruit thereby offering a quantity of vitamins and mineral salts for every 100g of the product, beyond comparison to other produce.

Ingredients: white and/or green figs, sugar, lemon
Suitable for: celiacs, vegetarians
Allergens: does not contain allergens
unit 220g
price €6.70
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