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Fettuccine La Campofilone by Enzo Rossi

Fettuccine La Campofilone by Enzo Rossi

Particularly tasteful pasta, especially recommended with salmon and mushroom sauce. Thanks to their high yield, 250 gr are enough for 4 servings; to obtain a perfect result we suggest to cook the content of a bag in 3 liters water .



Many  are the key-factors that allow “la Campofilone” company to offer a genuine product on the market:

- the accurate selection of raw materials: only the best wheat rigorously grown in the Marche region, stored at low temperatures without the use of chemicals and eggs from free-range hens fed with noble GMO-free cereals;   
- a mainly manual processing system: expert pasta-making masters work with the tiniest attention for details evoking gestures that recall hundred-years honoured traditions ;
- the long drying time assured by a favorable temperature and by an essential air change: after a drying time of 20 hours at a temperature of 36°, pasta gains its unmistakable taste and all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities are unaltered.

In 2004,  “La Campofilone”, leading company in its sector, obtained the prestigious certification of food chain retraceability system, in compliance with the quality and retraceability management systems (standards UNI 10939/2001) issued by the accredited body DNW (Det Nor Ske Veritas). Besides, in 2008 it obtained the BRC-IFS certification.

The observance of the laws in force, the strict daily check-up to ensure the highest hygiene, drying, stocking and logistics standards, provide a total guarantee of the product making La Campofilone unique.


Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, free range eggs (33,4%)
Allergens: contains gluten, wheat and eggs
Suitable for: vegetarian
unit 250g
price €3.50