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Mezzi Rigatoni di Farro by Latini

Mezzi Rigatoni di Farro by Latini


Since 1994, the very best varieties of barley have been tested, in order to obtain the maximum organoleptic excellence in the cereal used today. In October 2002, Latini produced their first spaghetti made from their very own barley, using an innovative mix called K09.
The definitive mix used today is achieved with a variety of barley which is both grown and selected in Italy.
During the grinding phase all the outer cuticles of the bran are eliminated and only the best fibres remain, defined as noble fibres. The result is a pasta made from 100% semi wholemeal barley, the one and only product in the 10 classic formats of the Tradizione Gastronomica Italiana, which lends itself to a range of culinary dishes. Linea Farro is semi wholemeal, is also extremely high in fibre (7/8%), light and easily digestible. It goes very well with pulses, root vegetables, shellfish, fish and cheese. For optimum results, try with sauces such as ragù or carbonara.
Like all Latin pasta, it should be treated as fresh pasta with very simple additions and a little care. Use at least 1 litre of water for every 100 grammes of pasta and note that the indicated cooking times on the packaging can vary slightly, depending on the mineral salts in the water and on the sea level. It’s important to remember that the cooking time should always be determined according to taste, therefore a couple of minutes before the end of the recommended time, check whether the pasta is cooked and ready for draining.
We would recommend seasoning the pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to appreciate the full aroma of the grain.
Similar to the many varieties of grape, l’Azienda Latini has discovered that every type of grain has its own colour scent, flavour and consistency. As a result of this, every year Latini undertakes research into more than 50 varieties of grain which are sown and harvested in the search of the organoleptic quality in each one.
These discoveries gave life to a story which began with Nazareno Strampelli, father of the modern, world-wide grain production in 1900, and ended in a pasta with an readily identifiable grain, from the scent of breadcrumbs in the air, to the aspect, shape and naturally its unique flavour.
Set in especially made bronze, dedicated to the formats a particular study, to make the surface of the pasta unsmooth and porous making it ideal for the absorption of all types of dressing, and dried at a low temperature of 40°/45° C, for approximately 24 to 48 hours, depending on it form. In this way the molecular structure of the starches remains intact and the aspect and taste of the carefully selected grains remains unaltered.
Welcome to the magical world of Latini where pasta is no longer "just water and flour” but pure Genius and Love.

Ingredients: durum spelt flour (triticum dicoccum)
Allergens: contains gluten
Suitable for: vegetarian
unit 500g
price €3.60